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SILCA Keys.. Barrel, Bit, Double-Bit, Pin, Pump & Muzzle

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5817 (MI-NP)Silca-5817 Bit (Pin)/Litto/1-Side0.046 LBS (Add $21.25)
5818 (MI-NP)Silca-5818 Bit (Pin)/Litto/1-Side0 LBS (Add $26.25)
5827 (MI-NP)Silca-5827 Bit (Pin)/Litto/1-Side0.044 LBS (Add $21.25)
5838 (MI-NP)Silca-5838 Bit (Pin)/Litto/1-Side (Out of Stock)0.049 LBS (Add $26.25)
5847 (MI-NP)Silca-5847 Bit (Pin)/Litto/1-Side0.049 LBS (Add $21.25)
5848 (MI-NP)Silca-5848 Bit (Pin)/Litto/1-Side0.054 LBS (Add $26.25)
5908 (MI-NP)Silca-5908 Bit (Pin)/Various/1-Side0.045 LBS (Add $26.75)
5909 (MI-NP)Silca-5909 Bit (Pin)/Various/1-Side0.049 LBS (Add $26.75)
5910 (MI-NP)Silca-5910 Bit (Pin)/Various/1-Side0.049 LBS (Add $26.75)
6309 (MI)Silca-6309 Barrel (Pipe)/Various/1-Side0.143 LBS (Add $40.75)
6411 (MI)Silca-6411 Barrel (Pipe)/Various/1-Side0.093 LBS (Add $51.75)
6750 (MI-NP)Silca-6750 Barrel (Pipe)/Various/1-Side0.007 LBS (Add $10.00)
6865 (MI-NP)Silca-6865 Barrel (Pipe)/CIS/1-Side0 LBS (Add $7.75)
6975ALD (MI-NP)Silca-6975ALD Barrel (Pipe)/Aledal/1-Side0.062 LBS (Add $17.25)
7145 (MI-NP)Silca-7145 Safe/Various/2-Sided0.021 LBS (Add $13.75)
7213 (MI-NP)Silca-7213 Safe/Various/2-Sided0.091 LBS (Add $56.00)
7308E (BR-NP)Silca-7308E Safe/Elzett/2-Sided (Out of Stock)0.055 LBS (Add $11.55)
7508/1 (MI-NP)Silca-7508/1 Safe/Various/2-Sided0.028 LBS (Add $19.25)
8207 (MI-NP)Silca-8207 Safe/Various/2-Sided (Out of Stock)0 LBS (Add $45.00)
8373C (MI-NP)Silca-8373C Safe/Conforti/2-Sided (Out of Stock)0.057 LBS (Add $14.00)
8405 (MI-NP)Silca-8405 Safe/Conforti/2-Sided (Out of Stock)0.036 LBS (Add $12.25)
8659 (MI-NP)Silca-8659 Safe/Securemme,Sibi/2-Sided (Out of Stock)0 LBS (Add $12.25)
8695SSL (MI-NP)Silca-8695SSL Safe/Sweden/2-Sided (Out of Stock)0 LBS (Add $14.25)
8981 (MI-NP)Silca-8981 Safe/Various/2-Sided (Out of Stock)0.066 LBS (Add $12.50)
9510 (MI-NP)Silca-9510 Bit (Pin)/Various/1-Side0.056 LBS (Add $24.50)
9575 (MI-NP)Silca-9575 Bit (Pin)/Various/1-Side0.042 LBS (Add $21.50)
9584 (MI-NP)Silca-9584 Bit (Pin)/Various/1-Side0.039 LBS (Add $23.00)
9585 (MI-NP)Silca-9585 Bit (Pin)/Various/1-Side0.051 LBS (Add $23.00)
9706 (MI-NP)Silca-9706 Bit (Pin)/Various/1-Side0.087 LBS (Add $29.25)
9707 (MI-NP)Silca-9707 Bit (Pin)/Various/1-Side0.104 LBS (Add $31.25)
9755 (MI-NP)Silca-9755 Bit (Pin)/Various/1-Side0.08 LBS (Add $26.75)
2MC7 (IR-NP)Silca-2MC7 Bit (Pin)/Various/1-Side0.036 LBS (Add $23.75)
2MC8 (IR-NP)Silca-2MC8 Bit (Pin)/Various/1-Side0.04 LBS (Add $23.75)
2YA1 (IR-NP)Silca-2YA1 Bit (Pin)/Yale/1-Side0.039 LBS (Add $21.25)
3FMB01 (BR-NP)Silca-3FMB01 Double-Bit (Pin)/Mobella/2-Sided0.024 LBS (Add $13.75)
3UN3L (IR-NP)Silca-3UN3L Bit (Pin)/Union/1-Side0.043 LBS (Add $10.75)
5AU1 (MI-NP)Silca-5AU1 Pump/Auno/2-Sided0.044 LBS (Add $13.25)
5CS1 (MI-NP)Silca-5CS1 Double-Bit (Pin)/Cisa/2-Sided0.054 LBS (Add $9.05)
5CS2 (MI-NP)Silca-5CS2 Double-Bit (Pin)/Cisa/2-Sided0.054 LBS (Add $10.00)
5ME1 (BR-NP)Silca-5ME1 Safe/Melsmetall/2-Sided0.026 LBS (Add $60.25)
5PE1 (BR)Silca-5PE1 Muzzle/Progres,Fontaine,Corni/Circumference0.07 LBS (Add $28.25)
5PE2 (BR)Silca-5PE2 Muzzle/Fontaine,Progres,Corni/Circumference (Out of Stock)0.053 LBS (Add $28.25)
6F31 (BR)Silca-6F31 Barrel (Pipe)/Various/1-Side0.109 LBS (Add $18.25)
6M35 (BR-NP)Silca-6M35 Bit (Pin)/Various/1-Side (Out of Stock)0.116 LBS (Add $23.25)
6MU1 (BR)Silca-6MU1 Bit (Pin)/Muel/1-Side0.085 LBS (Add $17.25)
ACH (BR)Silca-ACH Double-Bit (Pin)/AVA-Chubb,Anchor/2-Sided0 LBS (Add $9.40)
APN (BR-NP)Silca-APN Pump/Antonioli/2-Sided (Out of Stock)0 LBS (Add $6.45)
CHC (BR)Silca-CHC Bit (Pin)/Chubb/1-Side (Out of Stock)0 LBS (Add $9.05)
CHL (BR)Silca-CHL Bit (Pin)/Chubb/1-Side0 LBS (Add $9.25)
CPN (BR-NP)Silca-CPN Pump/Cerutti/2-Sided0 LBS (Add $8.25)
CS (BR-NP)Silca-CS Double-Bit (Pin)/Cisa,MCM/2-Sided0 LBS (Add $10.00)
CSC (BR)Silca-CSC Double-Bit (Pin)/Cisa,MCM/2-Sided0 LBS (Add $10.00)
CSL (BR)Silca-CSL Double-Bit (Pin)/Cisa,MCM/2-Sided (Out of Stock)0 LBS (Add $10.30)
CSLC (BR)Silca-CSLC Double-Bit (Pin)/Cisa,MCM/2-Sided0 LBS (Add $10.00)
CSM (BR)Silca-CSM Double-Bit (Pin)/Cisa,MCM/2-Sided0 LBS (Add $11.40)
CSMC (BR)Silca-CSMC Double-Bit (Pin)/Cisa,MCM/2-Sided0 LBS (Add $11.40)
FQ (BR-NP)Silca-FQ Double-Bit (Pin)/Fiam/2-Sided0 LBS (Add $6.75)
JW70 (BR-NP)Silca-JW70 Double-Bit (Pin)/Juwel/2-Sided (Out of Stock)0 LBS (Add $19.70)
M22H (ZA-NP)Silca-M22H Bit (Pin)/Union/1-Side0 LBS (Add $8.00)
M23H (ZA-NP)Silca-M23H Bit (Pin)/Union/1-Side0 LBS (Add $8.00)
M24H (ZA-NP)Silca-M24H Bit (Pin)/Union/1-Side0 LBS (Add $8.00)
M25H (ZA-NP)Silca-M25H Bit (Pin)/Union/1-Side0 LBS (Add $8.00)
M26H (ZA-NP)Silca-M26H Bit (Pin)/Union/1-Side0 LBS (Add $8.00)
M27H (ZA-NP)Silca-M27H Bit (Pin)/Union/1-Side0 LBS (Add $8.00)
M28H (ZA-NP)Silca-M28H Bit (Pin)/Union/1-Side0 LBS (Add $8.00)
M29H (ZA-NP)Silca-M29H Bit (Pin)/Union/1-Side0 LBS (Add $8.00)
M30H (ZA-NP)Silca-M30H Bit (Pin)/Union/1-Side (Out of Stock)0 LBS (Add $8.00)
M31H (ZA-NP)Silca-M31H Bit (Pin)/Union/1-Side0 LBS (Add $8.00)
M32H (ZA-NP)Silca-M32H Bit (Pin)/Union/1-Side0 LBS (Add $8.00)
M34H (ZA-NP)Silca-M34H Bit (Pin)/Union/1-Side0 LBS (Add $8.00)
M35H (ZA-NP)Silca-M35H Bit (Pin)/Union/1-Side0 LBS (Add $8.00)
M36H (ZA-NP)Silca-M36H Bit (Pin)/Union/1-Side0 LBS (Add $8.00)
M37H (ZA-NP)Silca-M37H Bit (Pin)/Union/1-Side0 LBS (Add $8.00)
M38H (ZA-NP)Silca-M38H Bit (Pin)/Union/1-Side0 LBS (Add $8.00)
M39H (ZA-NP)Silca-M39H Bit (Pin)/Union/1-Side0 LBS (Add $8.00)
M40H (ZA-NP)Silca-M40H Bit (Pin)/Union/1-Side0 LBS (Add $8.00)
MTLF (BR-NP)Silca-MTLF Double-Bit (Pin)/Mottura/2-Sided (Out of Stock)0 LBS (Add $11.60)
ZTG9 (MI)Silca-ZTG9 Bit (Pin)/Zoratto/1-Side0 LBS (Add $47.55)
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